Saturday, 24 March 2007

WORLD CUP gaya haath se!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the anticipation of Indian team to repeat the history of 1983 and their fan following "The Blue Billion" to celebrate it went out in a fizz after India scrambled down to Sri Lanka in the priliminary round of the ICC cricket world cup. India stands virtually out of the world cup now...all hopes slashed. Before the match started,India was being considered a strong contender for the cup. Cricket earns the highest no. of revenues in India than any sport. Cricketers are GODS here...
One may argue that the Indian team has succumbed to pressure to perform by a billion population back home.But then its totally justified because these cricketers earn exuberant amont of money owing to their popularity amongst masses and this popularity was not because they looked handsome on screen or were some kind of trendsetter in youth or a sex symbol.....NO..they 'earned' popularity because they performed on field,played match winning innings,had nerves of steel to bear the tough competition and come out looking good.
Sadly this thing is a past now..few critics blame the captain and the coach for failure..but this is is the last person who should be blamed and more so as far as Indian case is concerned. Some of the best players ever that cricketing world has seen,belong to India,,they have been coached by a highly paid trainer Greg, and recieve world class training equipments, health professionals and anything and everything a player would desire including endorsements which fetch hefty moolah.
So what do a coach do if his players chooses to pay more time to advertisements and ramp? What if they want to go on field and play amateurish shots and make a fool of themselves before opposition? is the coach to blame if they are lazy on field or play irresponsibly when team wants them? NO ofcourse. I believe that its the sheer lack of agression and committment by the players towards the game. The old and mature team members like sachin,saurav,sehwag,dravid just trottle around haplesslywithout any stratergy and plan. Its been a sorry scenario lately and only the players are to blame . Players should set their priorities and their game should come before any thing else..
The team has undoubtedly put the fans in shame and should be made to pay for it. All their endorsements should be terminated and the match fee be scrapped. The people should themselves start treating them as any other person and take away from them the"star" symbol they have blindly showered them with.
And yes Indians should start looking at other sports with equal respect and zest..Sania Mirza plays sooo much better and looks far more cool and committed towards her game than any indian cricketer at present... who look total despos and thrashed...duh!!

Monday, 5 March 2007


The world thrives by it. 'Possibility' makes us optimistic. Optimism makes us work hard. Hard work gives satisfaction. Satisfaction brings joy. Joy nurtures brotherhood. Brotherhood drives humanity. Humanity makes this world a peaceful place to live in! It all starts from possibility...

On another note..what’s the possibility of India becoming a superpower by 2050?
What is the possibility of finding Osama bin laden by Bush?
What’s the possibility of Aishwarya dumping Abhishek and marry
someone else!?

Whatever be the case, one can say that it is not zero at any point of time and thts how things work in our daily life too! A sense of possibility keeps an element of hope alive in all of us for all our different errands!

Don't walk as if you own the world, Walk as if you don't care who does!