Friday, 17 July 2009

A new life

Its feels very queer...unlike me..sitting in my pg(in balcony :P) in the dead of the night,in mumbai,the cool breeze brushing through my poker straight hair and the sea roaring some distance away. I'm thousand miles away from home in Delhi. A month ago i was going nuts thinking how my future is gonna unfold,brooding over entrance exams and results. But as fate would have it and i had never imagined that i would end up doing my postgrad in mumbai,away from family and friends in one of the top colleges of India.

And exactly a month ago i met my BFF for the second last time.It hurt me to acknowledge we wouldnt be able to meet now for over a year perhaps,have our random chats,share moments of fun,wisdom,laughter or even silence together. The following weeks were passed meeting more close friends and relatives, exchanging goodbyes and good wishes.Leaving mom and dad at the station was the hardest moment of all. I felt weak in knees,my heart crying...i had never been away from home ever before.

But 2 week hence now that i'm writing this post, i feel i've got used to this hostel life. Doing my own laundry,cooking,grocery shopping,pretty much everything doesnt feel awkward,tough or nerve wrecking anymore.I'm glad to have chilled out roommates who patiently stand by my side to see if i'm putting correct amount of salt in a meal or surf in water for that matter!

The faculty at college can easily be described as tigers on loose. They want to rip us apart, are hungry for our flesh and leave no stone unturned to put our asses on fire. Assignments,attendance,deadlines,discipline and workshops make sure we have no time to while away. I'm not complaining but it does gets on your nerves when u have to submit two mountain sized assignments in one day on a short notice. Too much of pressure and constraints. They think we future journalists have our feet made of clay which can be stretched up to the crotch. Huh!

Amongst all this hype and hoopla there are somethings which are never forgotten. when i retire for the day and go to bed, flashes of home come to my mind. I miss being pampered by family and friends.I miss the food( mom's paranthas submerged in butter esp.)I miss my friends terribly esp u guys meghna,meetu,krittika. But my compensation would be Arunima who might be coming to bombay soon... Yeah i've made new friends but everytime i go to marine drive or kolaba or fashion st or McD with them,old memories rush past me,making me feel queasy...

But then,this is my new life. Life knows how to barter well. It gives you something but takes away something other. You just have to come to terms with it and learn from every moment.As of now i'm just hoping that my stint in this city would do me good and by the time i'm ready to return, i've made those people proud who are important to new life adds a fresh chapter to my life,one of self responsibility and discipline. I wait in awe of how it unfolds! fingers crossed ;)

Don't walk as if you own the world, Walk as if you don't care who does!