Monday, 1 June 2009

India's verdict

Jai ho! To democracy!

After 2 long decades, India has finally seen a stable government. Citizens have thrown a shoe at the left, right, third & fourth front. People gave their clear verdict and got UPA led Congress back to the centre. I was personally elated that our country which was fighting the marr of religious, regional and coalition politics was showing some healing. Agatha Sangma, state minister from Meghalaya took oath in Hindi. It was something for a person coming from a non-Hindi state.

The selection of cabinet ministers is really disappointing. All the oldies which are not that goldy have been given the top notch honors of the ministry (exceptions being P. Chidambram who will handle home ministry, well deserved). The youngest or least eldest to be precise of all the cabinet is the trouble maker Ms.Mamta Banerjee (54yrs.old) who gave Bhuddhadev Bhattachararya a run for seats in the recent polls. M.Karunanidhi might be ailing in hospital at 84 but he sure wants no stone unturned to secure seats for his party members in the govt.

What is most depressing is the fact that VilasRao Deshmukh has been given a cabinet seat even after failing as chief minister of Maharashtra. Deshmukh was forced to resign after the Mumbai attacks of 26/11. Wow! What a luck it must be.. to resign as the CM and get entry into the cabinet ministry of the center govt! Cool!! Meera Kumar is holding the post of the Speaker of the house. The lady has a mouse voice which even humans find inaudible, let alone the hooligans in Lok Sabha! I’m really looking forward to a fun session in parliamentl for some guilty pleasure. :P

Performance?? huh..Nepotism is back in town folks!

Don't walk as if you own the world, Walk as if you don't care who does!