Saturday, 18 February 2012

l'amour n'est pas facile

I'm standing on a threshold
But it feels like a maze
My head is spinning,
Why this rage?

A prayer to almighty
Please show me a way
There are colors all around
But why am I seeing gray?

Why is there a tear in my eye
When u are sound asleep on the other end?
I've turned greedy I guess,
And it's my penance.

I want more of you,
When all I can have is this much
Yes, just this much,
When my life is on a threshold
A threshold, which feels like a maze.


Where did I lose it?
Is it here, is it there?
Or is it anywhere?!

What are you looking for,
Says the look in his eyes
I fish for it in every nook,
And what I get back, is an opaque look
Doesn’t the amber lasts forever?
Yes, but only in books.

Are you hidden in there?
I ask his silent heart
It doesn’t skip a beat, nor races fast
I feel a lump go down the throat
But mind plays game
‘Search for it again, without any shame’

The search begins again
This time around his arms,
For that same feeling
But where’s the warmth?

Those sweet li’l nothings
That meant so much
Suddenly come across
As a stupid bunch,
And I search this bunch
For it once had my vice,
Yes, my love, labeled as vice
Because with time, greed took its side.

So what if love is vice, give it a thought
‘But I’ve other plans, tag along or not’
In these words of his,
I still search for a hint
A hope that it might be there
For it was there in the past,
In words, in action, in everything that passed

Now I don't know if it is gone
Gone with the wind
I’ve got sand in my shoes
And memories of a beautiful walk
Of togetherness, of bliss...
But this poem, my friend,
It is mere catharsis.

Don't walk as if you own the world, Walk as if you don't care who does!