Tuesday, 6 January 2009

ANOTHER VERSION OF TAGGED-- 8 Random/Weird things about me

Meghna tagged me a grip ago! I have to respond according to the blog etiquette rules. So in reply to said tag here are 8 weird/random things about me --

UN: I talk to myself. I’d rather refer to it as thinking out loud. : P sometimes in order to process my thoughts I have to say them out loud. This means a lot of self-reflective conversations. Some of my close friends have even caught me in the act! Lol

DEUX: I am a little bit obsessive compulsive about lines and symmetry. I will therefore, go about adjusting people's clothing, pictures and public signs until they are perfectly aligned.

TROIS: Back in childhood days, I used to fantasize myself as one of the main characters of the Jules Verne science fiction novels and used to enact alike when alone or interpret situation in daily walk of life. Ditto for the Sherlock Holmes series. Here I was the pretty girl in distress; P

QUATRE: I have a fantastic memory for odd things. I can recite Kirchoff’s Law, Quadratic formula. chemical formulas on command and I remember events that happened when I was as small as 3yrs old. But I can never remember where I put my mobile.

CINQ: Sometime back, I was addicted to and expert at sudoku, brick game and Zuma.Used to spend hrs. on internet to beat the scores of other competitors at Zuma.

SIX: I love to smell washed clothes, my mom’s hair, puja flowers, chocolates, hot soup, petrol and chalk ;p …cant help it…

SEPT: In class I’m unusually serious about my studies and get very annoyed when other people talk, gossip or don’t listen to the teacher. I feel like slapping them hard.

HUIT: recently I’ve become very particular about accessorizing my outfits right. Earlier it was hardly a concern.

Whoever reads this post may consider himself, herself tagged! There you go!

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