Thursday, 9 April 2009

Gripped in nostalgia

Who sees it all?
Varuna has but a thousand eyes
Indra a hundred
And I, only two
Gripped in nostalgia
I don’t know what to do….

College life is coming to an end. Last few days left. There is a sinking feeling; perhaps a sweet sorrow. Sweet because of the opportunities that lie beyond and sorrow because of all the goodbyes one has to say and leaving sweet memories behind.
I’m generally not open about my feelings..but I think it’s the right time to thank a few people who came by these 3 precious years to make them happy and memorable.

For me, the college life started on a low-key note. I had taken a year’s hiatus during which I preferred to remain in the confines of the 4 walls of my room. Meanwhile my best friends had engaged themselves in good professional courses out of town. So, when my college life started, I found myself lagging behind my peers in terms of confidence, trends, attitude and ‘coolness’ factor. Those were some forgetful months. But the spring of 2007 would change it all…for good…for the rest of the coming years.

A long lost friend came in touch; I became a member of students’ union in college [cultural secretary-a sexy post to handle ;)], my average academic performance shot-up, top scholarships fell in my lap, took part in many co-curricular activities, won prizes, did stuff for creative satisfaction, and worked actively for college.

Throughout, this journey, I’ve few people to thank who made my college days an experience which I’ll cherish all my life. In chronological order they are -:

1. Namrata Dang-for cheering me up throughout the low phase of 1st yr. and believing in me. Couldn’t have cleared that depressing phase without you. Namrata though you are rude, blunt and way too ‘up-town’ish but I love you for the clear heart you possess! :)

2. Malvika Wahi- for making my term in Students’ Union full of fun, masti, laughter and learning. Going for sponsorship hunts even after dark, staying back in college till 7 during fests and events, running after the teachers throughout the campus to get work done, small escapades in Mc D’s and slogging our ass off...ufff..but all this didn’t seem a tough job with you by the side. This gave me the strength to continue my stint in the union in the 3rd yr. as well. You rock Malvika! :)

3. Meghna Nijhawan- sometimes I still wonder how and why I became friends with her in the first place, considering the fact that- firstly, I thought of her as an obnoxious, loud and fake girl throughout the 1st yr. and secondly, the fact that I’m very cautious at making friends. It began online and soon the durations of our chats increased. Still, when in college we used to hangout with our separate group of friends and seldom talked with each other. Very slowly, as destiny would have it, we made our way into each other’s territory. I found a trusted friend and soul sister in her. She made up for the void created by the absence of my best friends with me. Now we share even the microscopically minutest information, crack the lamest possible jokes and laugh on them too! I love the time spent with her. I can easily label her as one of my best friends, though I’m lingering in doubt if she reciprocates the same feeling..

Meg you are weird and ‘totally’ ajeeb. But I love you for who you are, your caring and restrained self which only a few people know. :) Thank you gtalk for giving me this friend!

4. Priyanka Sharma- for the small period of time when we were buddies.. I shared some of the best laughters with you. Even though we talk less now or some trivial issues that cropped up (I’m happy they’ve subsided now) you are an amazing person and a nice human being whom I’ll always respect. Not to forget, you’ll always remain my first Assistant Director ;)

5. Abhilasha and Nisha you are the best egs. of how true friendships can be maintained even with minimal contact. You personify the statement ‘friend in need is a friend indeed!’ Love both of you for your simplicity and endeavors :)

6. Anisa Akbary and Sakshi from union- will miss both of you gals! Himangi will also be remembered for her cleverness, double talk and back-stabbing :P

7. Arunima Mazumdar- the final person in chronology. Since internship with a media house is an integral part of my course, I can count this as my college life only. The dull environment of DD News’ website deptt. was pretty vibrant and frolic with Miss Mazumdar occupying the pc next to mine ;) . Had endless talks over coffee and chai about guys (including Hindul :P), career and other things all and sundry. In mere 10 days we knew about each others’ lives. I had an amazing time during my entire internship. Arunima you are the best multi-tasker I’ve ever come across. I love you for your straight talks and wisdom tht comes out of your cluttered mind every now and then!

And there are many more.... will thank them personally...thank you all you all!!

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