Sunday, 6 July 2008

FACTS STRANGER THAN FICTION....we wince no more!

A princess with long golden hair...A wicked stepmother who sends poisoned apples...A witch being pushed into a baking oven by two tiny kids...A mermaid who is reduced to foam because she can't hurt her beloved....A mother who dies to save her son from a certain dark wizard, leaving him a realm of protection and a scar.Strange childhood passed as I escaped into these worlds.

A 6 year old girl is pushed into an oven because she, coming from a lower caste dared to cross a road 'owned' by someone from a higher caste. She shrieks and screams as her flesh peels away...nobody comes to her rescue. ..... A certain husband claims that his wife committed suicide, when the whole country knows better...the candles burned and melted..the placards were painted and washed away...'suicide' claimed the woman whom he loved. ..... A 25 year old youth was butchered by his girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend. The duo then burnt the peices,dumped it in a forest… and went out to dinner! .... A 15 year old schoolgirl killed by her father (maybe with consent of her mother too) Her throat was slit open and she was left to bleed to death in her own room....Stranger facts....inescapable reality.How long can we wince as we read these news and turn the page? How long can we close our eyes and pretend? How long can we not hear the shouts? Not answer the questions raised? How long can we just shrug....Fact is stranger than fiction?????

Earlier I used to find a horrified fascination in reading about the deeds of fellow humans and what they are capable of. But I soon realized that no matter what, demon exist in the form of people. And they will continue their outrageous acts. We want to have the power to stop these things but we can’t. Why is that?? I think because all this news over a period of several decades has rendered us incapable of feeling the pain, the loss because we hear the news everyday, see it on our TV screen everyday when there is nothing better to do. Momentarily we sympathize and the next instance change the channel to some saas-bahu saga. We don’t feel what’s happening around. All that is left to be cared about is the latest trend at levis, the gadget in fad or the latest music on our external drive. Yeah…facts are stranger than fiction.

All the chapters in our heart are closed just like the files in a police record... Yet we all wish for something which can be done-for us, for ourselves, for this society.
Do I have a conclusion? Nope.

Don't walk as if you own the world, Walk as if you don't care who does!