Saturday, 18 February 2012

l'amour n'est pas facile

I'm standing on a threshold
But it feels like a maze
My head is spinning,
Why this rage?

A prayer to almighty
Please show me a way
There are colors all around
But why am I seeing gray?

Why is there a tear in my eye
When u are sound asleep on the other end?
I've turned greedy I guess,
And it's my penance.

I want more of you,
When all I can have is this much
Yes, just this much,
When my life is on a threshold
A threshold, which feels like a maze.


Krittika said...

plz plz get a publisher! Goood :)

Palk Singh said...

The starting and the ending gel together so nicely! Lovely...

Rohan P said...

I agree, l'amour n'est pas facilie...happened with me once..perfectly put down

vishal said...

The God and Happiness is made to buy us things!!! this is a mystery which runs an economy...

Don't walk as if you own the world, Walk as if you don't care who does!