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The Uncanny Resemblance Of Darwin's Theory Of Evolution With Vishnu's 10 Avatars Will Raise Your Eyebrows!

Looks like Indian mythology is more than just a myth. It is rooted in logic and science. The other day while I was reading up more on the intriguing avatars of Lord Vishnu, the biology lover inside me yelped in excitement. To me, they resembled more like Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution, only given 1000 of years before.

Darwin's Theory of Evolution states that human beings have descended from a common ancestor. This means complex living beings have evolved from simplistic creatures like fish, amphibians, reptiles etc. naturally over time. Owing to genetic mutations, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival. This is called 'natural selection.'
In a nutshell, Darwin's theory says that life first emerged in water. Gradually, amphibians arrived who could survive both on land as well as in water. This, the process continued to become more complex with the evolution of mammals. Slowly, one species of apes evolved to stand on two feet rather than walking on four limbs. The earliest of humans were short in height, and gradually became taller with time.
Now let us compare this with different avatars of Lord Vishnu.
First avatar: Matsya or Fish
Lord Vishnu's first avatar on Earth was in the form of a fish during the Satyug. According to Darwin, life first originated in water and then moved to land.

Second avatar: Kurma or Turtle
This incarnation of Vishnu can be compared with the organisms advancing to amphibians. A turtle can survive both on land and in water.

Third avatar: Varaha or Boar
Boar is a mammal that lives on land and walks on all four limbs. In this avatar, Lord Vishnu slayed the demon Hiranyaksha.

This avatar suggests that advanced life is terrestrial and quadruped.

Fourth avatar: Narasimha
Now, this avatar of Vishnu is half animal and half human, suggesting the natural course of evolution that would give rise to human race.

Fifth avatar: Vamana or Dwarf
This was the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a human being. This happened in the Treta yuga. Vamana was small built, with short limbs and body.

Sixth avatar: Parshuram
This avatar of Lord Vishnu is a full grown man, but he is ferocious in nature, lives in wild, and leads a secluded life. He can be compared to an early man. This signifies that although man has evolved now, his qualities are not refined yet. 

Seventh avatar: Lord Rama
In this avatar, Lord Vishnu incarnates as human with refined manners and emotions. Lord Rama is a family man, has wife and kids. As the king of Ayodhaya, he is 'maryada purushotam' and straight-forward in giving judgment.

Eighth avatar: Lord Krishna
This avatar of Lord Vishnu came in Dwapar yug. Now, Lord Krishna is shrewd and clever minded. He does not hesitate in playing tricks on people or double-crossing them when it comes to making war strategies. He is diplomatic rather than an idealist. This shows mental evolution of human beings.

Ninth avatar: Buddha
Some religious texts consider Buddha as the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu. He propagates peace in a world where violence is slowly taking roots. Totally relevant to what is happening in present times!

Tenth avatar: Kalki
Kalki is touted to be the last avatar of Vishnu, who would appear to restore order and dharma in the world. 
Interestingly, some features of this avatar are stated in Bhagwad Geeta. Let’s see what he would look like:

He will be short in height, with a pot belly, curly hair and piercing sharp eyes. His face and lips will at times be of the color copper, black, yellow and rose. His feet will look like that of a young woman.

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