Friday, 15 January 2010

The scattered pages on the table,
Last glass of wine,
Those pages tell a fable,
My suicide night I design.

Red is the colour in my eyes
Black is my soul
Cheerful colors ain’t for me
dejected is my soul.

Scattered, battered, ripped apart
Is it an ending or a new start..
Glass of wine catches my eye
the creature in it fights for life
Hapless, tiredly aiming the rim
Its in pain, tough luck
Wine swallows it again

Pain is good, I tell myself
The noose hangs behind
Pain kills pain, I tell myself
Pain is divine

My suicide night has come, as I planned
Time to let world go..
Hatred, betrayal, humiliation
Time to let that go.

It’s dark, just before dawn
perfect time to be dethroned
gloomy, ghostly, grim, gray
Oh it feels like home.

The time has come, my suicide night
from my desk I rise
for the noose that awaits me
in my room, dingy and quiet.

On the stool, I alight myself
forward my neck and put it around
closing the eyes, I breath deeply
and let go off the ground.

Yes, this is it, the time has come
I'll be happy in my rebirth
Everything blacks out..
Every bit was worth.

THUD! Oh the pain, the eternal pain
No, not in my heart now
but hell yes I'm slain
I think I broke my hipbone, as I crash to ground
Stupid noose, I damn
can't embrace me around!

As I try to get up , cast a look about
sunshine fights its way through blinds,
At bay, a rooster screams aloud.

It had dawned a new day
I glance at the noose that broke
Another glance ,this time sways
to the wine glass lying ignored.
I'm surprised, as I lay aghast
that creature in it had made its way
Up to the last!


Rohit said...

I am speechless...intriguing thoughts...brilliant choice of words and tough to understand ,the lesser mortals we are!!

arunimamazumdar said...

why does this post not have a title

meghna said...

i liked the poem.. it is sarcastic yet funny.. has black humor.. gives hope even though it talks about death

arunimamazumdar said...

it's meant to be that way...coming from an optimist! you gave it a grave start but instilled hope in the Anshu like!

Durga said...

Darkly, comical and brilliant!

Piyu said...
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Piyu said...

i always knew dat ur a good writer.. bt this poem leaves me speechless!! fabulous piece of work

krits said...

awesome poem.. one hell good piece of work..but im not surprised ..coming from you..your mind will remain a mystery ALWAYS!

Aashi said...

thanks all :)

Alpna said...

Well written!

I like the pic you put next to it...makes it real dramatic...hehe.....

ayush said...

this is sooo nice anshu !!! nice start and a very hopeful ending ...

biker girl urvashi said...

lovely well written poem..touched my heart

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